Do You Remember … Who You Are?

A game of storytelling

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A game that tells the real stories of our lives

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We hope that when you play the game you will enjoy reliving memories of the past as well as discovering where you're going!

  • Entertains and brings story telling to life.
  • Help you write your own life story and family history.
  • A genuine 'reminiscence therapy' for the elderly.
  • Help with early signs of dementia.
  • A wonderful resource for counselling, workshops and team building.
  • Fun for family and friends!

Memory Cards

Do You Remember Who You Are, contains over 255 Memory cards, across five distinct categories, these will help to trigger your memories and bring your stories to life.

From The Cradle Growing Up Me and My Shadow Remains of the Day Flotsam & Jetsam

From The Cradle

From The Cradle Growing Up Me and My Shadow Remains of the Day Flotsam & Jetsam

Play Four Games in One Box

We've suggested a number of ways you can play the game including:

  • The Five Minute Rule Game
  • The Speed Game
  • The Family Game
  • The Story Album

You may find you own path, and if you do we would love to hear from you.

Game Board

Never forget the âme of the Gâme

What people have said

We were a group of 7, a mix of family and friends. We played only one round of The Speed game and it lasted for 3 hours! It was just amazing for us what came out of it all but the best thing for me was the bonding of those in different age groups (ages 19 to 76) and also of people who did not know each other very well. We had tears and laughter and love in a truly rewarding and wonderful mix. Thank you very much. It is far more than a game in my view.

Pauline Mitchell

Thank you very much for the 'Do you Remember Who You Are?' Game received in excellent condition. We’ve had such a great time playing – so many stories! Things we just wouldn’t have heard about from Grandma if we’d not played! What a family history!

Marcos Wright

I settled down with my aged parent for the evening with your game. It brought back such wonderful memories for my mum whose memory is beginning to slip – start of dementia. Truly wonderful – I had to thank you.

Maggie Cartwright

Thanks for the game. Four of us were playing it last night - so exciting. We thought we knew each other but the game brought out such fascinating stories. Can’t wait to play it again.

Emily Mathews

I wanted to let you know how helpful your game has been – I work with elderly residents of a care home and simply use the trigger cards. Such reminiscences. They have brought such delight and joy to my residents. Thank you!

Caroline Leaf

I had to let you know how well the Do You Remember game has gone down with the youngsters. It’s a great resource - sometimes difficult to get them to open up but your game has proved the ideal vehicle. Great team building tool. So much laughter and so many stories that would never have come out otherwise. Thank you.

Alan Fellows

A great game - interesting, entertains, thoughtful & fun!!

Jan Granger

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In the box you will find the following:

  • 225 Memory Cards in Five Decks with hundreds more trigger questions
  • Wooden Memory Box
  • Felt Memory Pouch
  • Memory Bubble Pad
  • Cotton Memory Mat
  • Guidance Notes


If you have any questions you can contact us via email. We love hearing about how people use the game.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.


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